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Eco-Friendly Home Office


Are You Considering a Home Office - or Already Working From Home?

Look no further than this comprehensive guide to locating, setting up, personalizing and being safe and healthy in your eco-friendly space!
Read the headings (so you can see the topics at a glance), then click on the blue links to get the full articles.
Initial Set-up Tips

How to green your home office space - after you've found the perfect location!  This short article covers planning tips, and a video on keeping it organised

Home Office Desks
What to look for in a desk for a home office, and the easiest ways of keeping it eco-friendly.  From modular to antique to standing desks.
Home Office Chairs
Not just eco-friendly chairs, but also some wacky and some cool alternatives to chairs for your home office!

Personalize Your Home Office

Cool ways to make your home office a place you WANT to spend time in

Green Your Computer

Quick and easy tips for making sure the computer for your Home Office is eco-friendly

Eco-Friendly Home Office Equipment

Great advice for all the equipment in your Home Office - and how to save money too
Save Paper
Easy tips on how to save paper - and a tree - in your Home Office
Problems Working From Home

A Home Office is great, but it's not perfect. EcoExpert lists common problems - and their solutions

Staying Healthy in Your Home Office

Working from home is greener than commuting, but make sure it doesn't affect your health.  24 great tips to stay healthy in your home office.

EcoFriendly Living
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