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Halloween Bat

Go Green with Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is such a fun festival! But it also has a massive impact on the environment. Here's how to green your Halloween costumes and avoid all the nasty toxic products on sale everywhere.

halloween pumpkin candle

Green Halloween Ideas – Have Fun!

Halloween is such fun! But it's not always "green", and not always safe. Here's how to have fun with Halloween costumes, parties, pumpkins and more!

bulk food saves money

Bulk Foods Week 2015 – Organic Bargains!

Bulk foods mean affordable food - even organic food - at any time of the year. See why you can benefit so much from shopping in the bulk food aisles. And there are great bargains to be had especially Oct 11-17 across the US - check them out!

bleach isn't healthy

3 Safe Alternatives to Bleach

Bleach is not very safe, especially around kids. So use any (or all) of these 3 safe (and easy) alternatives instead - you'll be glad you did! Green living in the kitchen.

factory farming makes meat cheap - but at what cost?

Factory Farming and Chipotle

A feel-good video - about factory farming? That seems impossible! But I'd love you to watch it (it's NOT nasty, I promise!) and I'll explain why. You might not be able to get it out of your head!

car free day dont stop

Car Free Day – Fun Video

Today is a great day to ditch the car and actually ENJOY your commute for once! Here's how (fun video).

green living protects the environment
Do you worry about pollution? From air pollution, to water pollution, to litter everywhere.
So many of the products we use every day, contain toxic chemicals.
And what about fracking? I worry terribly about it – it uses huge amounts of water which is then toxic, it causes massive pollution and it’s lousy for the environment.

If you’re visiting this site, then I bet you’re looking for a cleaner, safer and simpler life – green living, in other words.
I’m passionate about the environment, and here on EcoFriendlyLink, is where I share my tips on green living, recommend eco friendly products, and post news on climate change and other important green issues.
You are very welcome here – stay and look around!