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improve memory, concentration naturally

Best Ways to Improve Memory, Concentration – Essential Oils

Did you know that essential oils can be a great way to improve memory and concentration? Try these gorgeous eco friendly essential oil combinations whenever you need to concentrate.

6 uses for cucumber fresh green

6 Uses for Cucumber you Haven’t Heard of

Here are 6 super-simple uses for cucumber that you haven't heard of - but you'll be glad you know them now! Use cucumbers instead of toxic products.

reduce sugar cravings by avoiding habitual sugar

Reduce Sugar Cravings – Avoid Invisible Sugar

Are there easy ways to reduce sugar cravings? Yes! Here are 6 ways you can easily reduce the amount of sugar you are eating without realizing it.

Happier at home - 10 easy ways

10 ways to be Happier at Home

10 ways to be Happier at Home - easy, fun ways to make sure your home is your green sanctuary. Enjoy!

make your own lemon water

5 Reasons You Need Lemon Water – Today

Lemon Water is really important for your health - and really easy! But it's preventative, not curative. You need to start - today!

clean green Eco Friendly Bathroom - Photo Credit Art-tiic.com

Clean Green Your Bathroom – Safe & Sparkling!

Clean green your bathroom - it's easy, quick, cheap, effective, and non-toxic. Here's how to save money, your health, and the planet!

protect the planet with an energy efficient clothes dryer

An Energy Efficient Clothes Dryer Can Help Save the Planet!

Did you know that your clothes dryer is the most energy intensive machine in your home? An energy efficient clothes dryer will save money - and the planet.

green exercise is healthy for you and the planet

Green Exercise – Save on Fitness

Green exercise doesn't have to cost the Earth! 3 quick tips to green your exercise routine. Save money, save your health, AND save the planet!

eco-friendly raw honey skin care

Raw Honey Skincare for a Natural Glow!

Use raw honey for natural non-toxic skincare, giving you glowing, healthy skin! It's good for you and the planet. And it's delightfully simple too. Skincare that doesn't cost the Earth.

wise shopping eliminates food waste

3 Steps to Avoid Food Waste at Home

Food waste costs you and the economy. Food waste costs the Earth too. 3 easy steps to eliminate food waste from your home. Be green, go zero waste!