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Natural shiny hair Easiest Hair Lips

Natural Shiny Hair + Lips

Want natural, shiny hair + lips? (with no toxic chemicals). Me too - but I don't want hassle either. These ideas are quick and easy - you'll have natural, shiny hair in no time!

shower better so you don't waste water down the drain

Shower Better (Controversial!)

This Shower Better video and article is controversial! See if you agree - or not!

best solar panles - balance tech with your needs

Choose the Best Solar Panels– your Go-To Guide

You want the best solar panels - this Go-To Guide is full of great tips for choosing the very best solar panels for you. Choose with confidence.

All Natural Laundry Detergent

All Natural Laundry Detergent

All natural laundry detergent is safe for us, not harmful to marine life, and kind to the planet. All natural laundry detergent is easy to buy - here's how.

EPA Energy Star LED Videos

Energy Star LED Videos Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes at the Energy Star LED videos - 3 great, funny videos all about Floyd, Margaret and Helga - see what happened to them! My interview with Energy Star was fun! See it all here.

eco-friendly mosquito repellant

Natural Pest Control

Natural pest control means no more bugs - and no more toxic chemical sprays! Use these easy and effective natural pest control methods to control pests.

Dramatic kitchen with energy efficient light bulbs

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs – Do they REALLY Save Money?

Do energy efficient light bulbs REALLY save money? They seem expensive to buy - will energy efficient light bulbs make a difference? Should I change?

hmemade beauty products foot soak

Homemade Beauty Products – With Lemons

Homemade beauty products save money and the planet - they're safe, easy to make and environmentally friendly. Try these great homemade beauty products for tired feet, youthful skin and wrinkle removal!

lemons cure many ailments

Lemons Cure

Lemons cure all sorts of ailments - they're a cost-effective, safe, natural and drug-free of helping with many common conditions. Try these lemon cures and see for yourself!

Green INTERNET 6 tips

Green Internet

A green internet starts with how you use it - so follow these easy tips to make sure your internet use is green, then find a green internet service provider.