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make your own lemon water

5 Reasons You Need Lemon Water – Today

Lemon Water is really important for your health - and really easy! But it's preventative, not curative. You need to start - today!

clean green Eco Friendly Bathroom - Photo Credit Art-tiic.com

Clean Green Your Bathroom – Safe & Sparkling!

Clean green your bathroom - it's easy, quick, cheap, effective, and non-toxic. Here's how to save money, your health, and the planet!

protect the planet with an energy efficient clothes dryer

An Energy Efficient Clothes Dryer Can Help Save the Planet!

Did you know that your clothes dryer is the most energy intensive machine in your home? An energy efficient clothes dryer will save money - and the planet.

green exercise is healthy for you and the planet

Green Exercise – Save on Fitness

Green exercise doesn't have to cost the Earth! 3 quick tips to green your exercise routine. Save money, save your health, AND save the planet!

eco-friendly raw honey skin care

Raw Honey Skincare for a Natural Glow!

Use raw honey for natural non-toxic skincare, giving you glowing, healthy skin! It's good for you and the planet. And it's delightfully simple too. Skincare that doesn't cost the Earth.

wise shopping eliminates food waste

3 Steps to Avoid Food Waste at Home

Food waste costs you and the economy. Food waste costs the Earth too. 3 easy steps to eliminate food waste from your home. Be green, go zero waste!

the best chocolate is great as a superfood

Why you SHOULD eat Chocolate!

Chocolate is yummy - but the best chocolate is good for you too! Here's why it's so good - and why you can enjoy your treats without any guilt.

video streaming on TV

Video Streaming – Is It Green to Stream?

Video streaming - is it green to stream? How does streaming compare to other ways of watching movies and TV? What's the most eco friendly way to watch TV and films? The EcoExpert has the answers!

green exercise for a Beautiful garden

Organic Pest Control – Have You Thought of This?

Organic pest control means avoiding toxic pesticides. Here are easy (I like easy!) ways to remove 3 of the most common garden pests, naturally and safely.

carboncoin accepted here

CarbonCoin – Greener than BitCoin

CarbonCoin is the green version of BitCoin - it's much more eco friendly! When you use CarbonCoin to buy and sell goods, you'll save the planet at the same time! Find out more here.