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yoga for weight loss

Yoga for Weight Loss – Wow!

Yoga is great for so many reasons - but did you know that yoga can also help you to lose weight? It's all about the mind-body connection.....

don't feed him the most dangerous foods for dogs

What Are The Most Dangerous Foods for Dogs?

What are the most dangerous foods for dogs? This useful infographic shows you the foods never to feed your precious pets. Be safe.

apples are good allergy solutions

10 Natural Allergy Solutions

Seasonal allergies can make you utterly miserable. Here are 10 easy, natural, and of course eco friendly ways to solve your allergy problems.

beautiful kitchen needs non toxic cleaning products

Non Toxic Cleaning Products – Kitchen

It's important to use non toxic cleaning products - especially in the kitchen where we prepare food. I like to keep things simple - here's how.

Air quality problem - city smog. Photo: xinhuanet.com

Know Your Air Quality – Be Safe!

Air quality is really important, especially May - September, but did you know that YOU can help improve the air that you breathe? Here's how (great infographic).

how to be happy

How to be Happy – 6 Surprising Ways

We all want to be happy, don't we? Here are 6 (often surprising) ways to make sure you're enjoying life.

avoid food from factory farms for happy animals

How to Avoid Food from Factory Farms

Factory farms have benefits - we get relatively cheap meat and dairy products. But they have major problems too - find out how to avoid food from factory farms and be healthier.

Factory Farming and the Environment

Factory Farming and the Environment

What is our cheap meat and dairy really costing the planet? What about our health, and our air and water? Find out here. Is factory farming really what we want?

fracking well

Why Fracking Affects Us All

Fracking affects every single one of us, directly or indirectly. Here's why. And it's not just the obvious issues.

swallowed plastic - ban plastic bags

Ban Plastic Bags – For Your Health

6 great reasons why we should ban plastic bags - or at least charge for them. There's a much higher cost than we realize - to us and the planet