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eco kids protect the planet

Your Eco Kids Can Save the World!

Our kids and grandchildren will soon be responsible for the welfare of the planet that sustains us. Make sure they're eco kids who understand and appreciate Nature, so they will protect their home. You'll find loads of ideas here in my Top 10 Tips.

dehydration symptoms - cucumber

Dehydration Symptoms Explained

  It’s very easy to suffer from dehydration symptoms. You have probably heard that about 60% of your body is made up of water. Infants are about 70% water. Muscles contain about 75% water. That is why it is so important to stay hydrated. (Or, as I saw on Facebook): Your body needs to continually Find out more

fresh juice with watermelon

Fresh Juice Tips for the Most Nutrition – The Top 10

Fresh juice offers wonderful health benefits. But are you getting the maximum nutrition from your juices and smoothies? These Top Ten Tips show you how.

back strengthening exercises - pilates

Back Strengthening Exercises – The Top 3

Back pain is often caused by a weak core. Your core is made up of your abdomen (tummy area) AND your lower back - if one of these is weak, you're likely to suffer back pain. These top 3 abdomen and back strengthening exercises will help you build up your core strength for better support and less pain.

How to save money on groceries - shop ethnic

How to Save Money on Groceries – 5 Cool Tips

Of course there are obvious ways to save money when you're buying groceries. But how many of these 5 interesting tips are you using? (#5 is my favoutite - which is yours?)

gluten free for kids - cupcakes can be a big problem

Gluten Free Foods for Kids

If a member of your family is gluten intolerant, make it easy on yourself and find yummy gluten free meals that everyone can eat! Read on for more easy tips and tricks for finding gluten free foods for kids. It's not as hard as it seems!

green living protects the environment
Do you worry about pollution? From air pollution, to water pollution, to litter everywhere.
So many of the products we use every day, contain toxic chemicals.
And what about fracking? I worry terribly about it – it uses huge amounts of water which is then toxic, it causes massive pollution and it’s lousy for the environment.

If you’re visiting this site, then I bet you’re looking for a cleaner, safer and simpler life – green living, in other words.
I’m passionate about the environment, and here on EcoFriendlyLink, is where I share my tips on green living, recommend eco friendly products, and post news on climate change and other important green issues.
You are very welcome here – stay and look around!