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walking benefits - simplicity

Walking Benefits Us All

Walking benefits us - and the planet! It's one of the 'greenest' exercises. It's easy, free, improves health and mental clarity - and much, much more!

eco friendly make up remover homemade

Eco Friendly Make Up Remover

It's so incredibly easy to make your own eco friendly make up remover that you'll wonder why you ever wasted money on potentially toxic store-bought remover.

ideal impact for social justice

Want Social Justice? Use Ideal Impact app

Do you read about social justice issues (natural disasters, animal cruelty, women's rights ....) and want to help - but have no idea where to start? New "Ideal Impact" app will help.

healthy vegetables dip crudites

5 Simple Ways to Enjoy More Healthy Vegetables

We know vegetables are good for us - but are we getting enough? Most of us, including kids, don't. Here are 5 easy ways to really enjoy them!

non eco friendly make up lipstick can be dangerous

Eco Friendly Make Up: Lipstick and Lip Balm

It's easy to swallow lipstick throughout the day. So use eco friendly lipstick instead - it's safe AND easy (and good for the planet).

fossil fuel subsidies

Fossil fuel subsidies 2015

You'll be pretty horrified by how much every one of us on the planet is paying in fossil fuel subsidies. Find out how much, and what we can do (video).

eco friendly make up - eye shadow

Eco Friendly Make Up – Eye Shadow

Because the eye area is so delicate, it's safest to use non-toxic ingredients. Eco friendly make up - eye shadow in particular - is safe. Here's how.

top 10 green companies 2015

Top Green Companies 2015 – Why It Matters

Who are the top green companies in the world and in the US? And this is why it matters - how to make sense of it all.

eco friendly make up remover blusher

Eco Friendly Make Up – Safer and Cheaper!

Eco friendly make up is safer (and cheaper) than commercial cosmetics. Find all you need to know here. Go green, be healthier, and help save the planet too!

Energy Efficient Pool Pumps for your swimming pool

Energy Efficient Pool Pumps – Triple Benefit

Energy efficient pool pumps are definitely the way to go (and they're green too). Here's why you'll get TRIPLE benefits from using one!