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Holiday Stress and Pets

Holidays are fabulous - we all look forward to them - but our pets don't. Here's how to make sure everyone enjoys the holidays!

Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts for Pets (and owners)

Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts for Pets (and humans!)

Need an eco friendly Christmas gift for an animal lover? Or a pet? No problem! Here are some gorgeous, unique green ideas!

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Green News 11 25 2015 – Belgians Tweet Cats | Backwards Thanksgiving

Latest green news 11 25 2015 - Belgians flood Twitter with amazing cats, watch Backwards Thanksgiving video where turkeys rule. And much more - click here!

poaching lemurs to extinction

Poaching Stories – 2 Very Different Approaches

Poaching animals is a huge problem, but these 2 great videos show what can be done, in 2 totally different ways. Watch now! (Also, how to help stop poaching).

Green News Bill Nye

Green News – Woman Melts, Seaworld, Bill Nye on Fashion!

Your weekly roundup of the latest environmental and green news. By the time you see this woman, she will have melted. Bill Nye the unlikely fashionista. Seaworld does it again. And much more!

a happy thanksgiving is a lot of work

Happy Thanksgiving – Without Family Problems!

Love Thanksgiving - but hate the family issues that always seem to arise? This FREE report is full of humor, but you'll also get great advice on exactly how to avoid all the problems. Enjoy your Thanksgiving this year!

green living protects the environment
Do you worry about pollution? From air pollution, to water pollution, to litter everywhere.
So many of the products we use every day, contain toxic chemicals.
And what about fracking? I worry terribly about it – it uses huge amounts of water which is then toxic, it causes massive pollution and it’s lousy for the environment.

If you’re visiting this site, then I bet you’re looking for a cleaner, safer and simpler life – green living, in other words.
I’m passionate about the environment, and here on EcoFriendlyLink, is where I share my tips on green living, recommend eco friendly products, and post news on climate change and other important green issues.
You are very welcome here – stay and look around!