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Greed vs Environmental Collapse

Environmental Collapse and Fascism

Find the connection between environmental collapse (global warming / climate change on steroids), and fascism today. A fascinating - and scary - read.

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Green, Environment News 20 July 2016

  A round-up of this week's environmental, green and ecofriendly news and updates. Ohio and Pennsylvania are infamous for their coal-burning power plants. Last year, an estimated 4,430 people died prematurely because of these power plants just last year.  The healthcare bill for people suffering from power plants in both states hit $40 billion. That's shocking. People Find out more

tea for kidney cleanse

Natural Kidney Cleanse (Easy) for Good Health!

Your kidneys are vitally important - don't take them for granted! Here's an easy way to do an occasional all natural kidney cleanse.

pomegranate for kidney stones

Kidney Stones – 6 Home Remedies

Choose any one of these 6 all-natural home remedies for kidney stones, and dissolve the stones without the side effects of prescription drugs. These are inexpensive and easy options!

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Green, Environment News 13 July 2016

A round-up of this week's environmental, green and ecofriendly news and updates. The Chinese government recently reduced its growth rate target from 8 per cent to 7.5 per cent - and one of the reasons why was to begin focusing on the environment. That's good news! Lionfish Could Help the Environment. It's rare to associate consumption with Find out more

Best mosquito repellent repels mosquitoes

Best Insect Repellent

The best insect repellent is safe for you to use. But most commercial sprays use toxic DEET. Here's what to use instead - plus a bonus 7 easy tips that make sure those bugs stay away this summer!

green living protects the environment
Do you worry about pollution? From air pollution, to water pollution, to litter everywhere.
So many of the products we use every day, contain toxic chemicals.
And what about fracking? I worry terribly about it – it uses huge amounts of water which is then toxic, it causes massive pollution and it’s lousy for the environment.

If you’re visiting this site, then I bet you’re looking for a cleaner, safer and simpler life – green living, in other words.
I’m passionate about the environment, and here on EcoFriendlyLink, is where I share my tips on green living, recommend eco friendly products, and post news on climate change and other important green issues.
You are very welcome here – stay and look around!