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Beautiful garden needs organic pest control

Organic Pest Control – Have You Thought of This?

Organic pest control means avoiding toxic pesticides. Here are easy (I like easy!) ways to remove 3 of the most common garden pests, naturally and safely.

carboncoin accepted here

CarbonCoin – Greener than BitCoin

CarbonCoin is the green version of BitCoin - it's much more eco friendly! When you use CarbonCoin to buy and sell goods, you'll save the planet at the same time! Find out more here.

holly for an eco friendly christmas

Eco Friendly Christmas Ideas

Make it an eco friendly Christmas - save money AND the planet! It's really important at this time of year - it's a very tough time for the planet. Here are some great tips from Clean Air Partners and the EcoExpert.

organic wine is more fun

Why Organic Wine is More Fun

Organic wine is more fun - and here are 6 excellent reasons why! But, the EcoExpert always looks at both sides, so take note of the downside of organic wine too.

stay warm without increasing costs

Stay Warm – Hot Tips!

Stay warm this winter - but avoid the seemingly ever-increasing costs of heating your home. 5 easy tips will make sure you stay warm, save money AND live green!

Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts GrowBottles

Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts

Great green and eco friendly Christmas gifts for everyone - don't give "Stuff" to your loved ones - show them you care instead!

green Christmas cocktail

Christmas Cocktails -The Green and Eco Friendly Way!

Christmas Cocktails can be green and eco friendly as well as fun! Here are 8 great tips to make sure your Christmas cocktails are kind to the planet.

high fructose corn syrup facts

High Fructose Corn Syrup Facts

High fructose corn syrup - the facts. Without the sensationalism. A common-sense look at HFCS from both sides, and my personal view on how dangerous it is, as well as what can be done.

stay warm with seasoned dry wood

Stay Warm – and be Kind to Your Lungs

We need to stay warm. Fireplaces are lovely, but they generate smoke and pollution. Here's how to stay warm AND be kind to your lungs

famous myths unicorn

10 Famous Myths about Solar (and Why We Believe Them)

10 famous myths about solar energy - do you believe them? (Are you sure?). Are these famous myths stopping you from using solar power? Check them out!