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Green, Environment News 24 August 2016

Eco friendly and green news, updates and information - keeping you up-to-date on green stories from around the world.

freeganism t shirt

Is Freeganism For You?

Freeganism - could YOU live a Freegan lifestyle? It's not for everyone. It's all about community, sharing and caring - and saying no to capitalism. Find out more here.....

Nature Deficit Disorder - TV indoors

Nature Deficit Disorder – Do Your Kids Have It?

What is Nature Deficit Disorder? Find out simple ways to treat it. Could your kids or grandchildren have ADHD or learning difficulties because of it?

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Green, Environment News 17 August 2016

  A round-up of this week's environmental, green and ecofriendly news and updates.   If you've spent any time in Asia, you'll have seen the colourful taxis called tuk-tuks. They're cheap and readily available in all the major centres. Now Sri Lanka is looking to change its legislation to allow solar-powered or electric tuk-tuks instead Find out more

reusing Plastic bottles

Reusing Plastic Bottles – 5 Favorite Ways

Got old plastic bottles around the house? (Don't throw them away or send them for recycling - it's not green!) Instead, here are my favorite, fun ways for reusing plastic bottles - have a look!

healthy food habits

5 Healthy Habits That WILL Change Your Life!

We can all improve, live healthier lives - but it's hard to change what we're doing now. Here are 5 ways to easily generate healthy habits for a better life.

green living protects the environment
Do you worry about pollution? From air pollution, to water pollution, to litter everywhere.
So many of the products we use every day, contain toxic chemicals.
And what about fracking? I worry terribly about it – it uses huge amounts of water which is then toxic, it causes massive pollution and it’s lousy for the environment.

If you’re visiting this site, then I bet you’re looking for a cleaner, safer and simpler life – green living, in other words.
I’m passionate about the environment, and here on EcoFriendlyLink, is where I share my tips on green living, recommend eco friendly products, and post news on climate change and other important green issues.
You are very welcome here – stay and look around!