4 Everyday Uses of Solar Energy At Home

4 Everyday Uses of Solar Energy to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


5 Everyday Uses of Solar Energy


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Are you always talking about “solar energy” to everyone that possibly listens to you? Well, you’re not alone.

Many people don’t realise how cost-effective solar is, in saving money on monthly bills. The solar energy advantages are so profound that anyone serious about reducing the cost of their electric bills every month would certainly jump at the opportunity to generate their own eco-friendly, renewable energy.

Here are 4 everyday uses of solar energy that are easy to implement, and will make your home greener and more energy efficient.

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First – What is solar energy and how is it actually energy?

Solar energy converts light from the sun into electric energy with panels that use photovoltaic cells. This energy is stored until it is ready to be used, often for many hours, depending on how much sun exposure the panel has had, and the capacity of the converter box.

So now that we know what solar energy is, let’s look at 5 everyday uses of solar energy that will make your home more energy efficient.

4 Everyday Uses of Solar Energy #1 – Solar Gadgets

Solar gadgets have long been the dream of many people. What a pleasure to have a free form of endlessly renewable energy to charge your devices on the go!

solar chargers - 4 Everyday Uses of Solar Energy

Practical solar gadgets include:

  • Solar Chargers: Never run out of battery power on your mobile devices again! The charger absorbs sunlight and stores it as energy. Just plug your mobile devices into the charger at any time to recharge – you don’t need a wall socket!
  • Solar powered lamps:What a fascinating idea – a light source powered by a light source! You can now buy from a huge range of solar lamps that can be used all over. They absorb energy during the day and provide light at night. Any way you look at it, the future is bright.
  • Solar powered car fans:These are great for long road trips when you can’t avoid driving through the heat of the day, especially in hot parts of the country. Fans are usually placed above the rearview mirror where they are ideally positioned to absorb sunlight and blow refreshingly cool air into the interior of the car. A wonderful alternative to vehicle air conditioning!
  • Solar tents:Campers tend to be nature enthusiasts, who have a vested interest in protecting the planet, which is why solar tents are perfect. A solar tent is a specially adapted tent with flexible lightweight solar panels attached. The panels then provide energy for lamps, phone chargers, iPods and assorted mobile gadgets.
  • Solar backpacks: If you do a lot of walking, cycling or motor-biking, then a solar backpack is perfect for you – and for campers too. Like solar tents, solar backpacks have light, flexible solar panels attached, which absorb and store power so that you can charge your gadgets while on the move.

4 Everyday Uses of Solar Energy #2 – Solar Transportation

The world is gradually going greener and using vehicles that are no longer powered by fossil fuels. This is highly necessary, in order to avoid runaway climate change.

Hybrid vehicles are slowly humming their way onto the roadways of the world, but it’s only a matter of time before their eco-powered relatives make a strong showing and win over the population.

Solar powered transportation is considered to be one of the greatest revolutions in transportation during the 21st century. Solar-powered personal transportation like bikes, scooters, cars, trains, etc are a reality now.

Solar-powered transportation is energy efficient. Solar panels, usually on the top of the car, convert sunlight directly into electricity, providing power at any speed.

solar car - 4 everyday uses of solar energy

However, the best part is that a solar-powered car is gasoline / petrol independent, so it will help protect your budget as well as the environment. Driving a regular car pollutes the air and contributes to climate change. But a solar powered car is very quiet, very low maintenance, has zero harmful emissions and does not need expensive, non-renewable fuels

Solar transportation is definitely the best option. Though it will take time until solar energy cars can be used on a large scale, it is still a very promising alternative to regular cars.

4 Everyday Uses of Solar Energy #3 – Solar Powered Homes

With the cost of electricity increasing all the time – and our need to stop using fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas to generate it – solar energy is a wonderful way to power your whole home. Not needing to pay for electricity each month is a great help towards your monthly budget.

solar home - 4 Everyday Uses of Solar Energy

While it’s true that you need to buy solar panels up front for your home, they are a great investment. They increase the resale value of your home, provide free electricity, and may even pay you an income if there are incentives for producing more power than you need. Many governments also offer incentives and tax benefits when you purchase solar panels.

You can also lease solar panels to avoid that up-front cost, but there are several issues the leasing companies don’t tell you about.

Rooftop solar panels are the most popular type of photovoltaic panels that are built and installed to withstand the harshest weather conditions while lasting for decades to come

4 Everyday Uses of Solar Energy #4 – Solar Heating 

Solar heating systems are a relatively inexpensive solution to centrally heat the entire house, and/or the swimming pool. Active solar systems are thought to be cost-efficient globally, and of course they help to protect the environment and lessen by-product air pollution.


With solar power in your home or office you will never have to worry about a blackout or power shortage again. With the most powerful source of energy keeping you connected and comfortable, you will be in good hands.


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