About EcoExpert


Hi !

About ecoexpertDid you know that simply being aware of how our choices affect the Earth, and making small changes, can make a big difference?

I’m Clare Delaney, the EcoExpert (my friends call me the Green Goddess).   I’m living an eco friendly life on a tiny tropical island.   On my website and my blog you’ll find lots of easy ways to live a greener life.

Often, green living will save you money too!  (Contrary to popular belief).

It’s all about choices.  When you make the right choices, you show the World that you care.

It’s my job to give you the right information so you can make the best choices for you and for the Earth.

I chose to spend most of my adult life in various parts of Africa (it’s quite different from growing up in Ireland!).  When you live on this fascinating continent, you can’t help but realise just how much our actions affect our planet.

It’s fragile.

I want to protect it.

Let’s protect the Earth – together.

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