Why You May Be at Risk from Asbestos

Asbestos is a Hidden Killer


old asbestos roof

old asbestos roof

Asbestos is banned in Europe, Japan and some parts of Africa including South Africa. Canada produces and exports asbestos. The USA almost banned it in 1989 but the ban was overturned by the courts. South America still uses asbestos, with Brazil as its biggest producer and consumer.

Asia is now the prime target for asbestos producers who are feeling the effects of declining demand elsewhere.  Vast quantities of waste products containing asbestos are also exported to Asia, and dismantled under sometimes appalling conditions. China is now a major producer of asbestos and there is concern over conditions in remote rural areas. India imports large quantities and also produces asbestos, and in some cases its production waste is released directly into the environment.  In 2005 Thailand had the highest per capita asbestos consumption.

But whether asbestos is banned or not in your country, we are still at risk. We may live in homes and work in buildings which still contain asbestos. Read the facts in this informative infographic. Plus, there are excellent resources available online at Mesothelioma where you can also get a free information packet.

Asbestos Infographic

  • Will says:

    I am actually staggered that asbestos is still being used in the US – must the money thing. Big Business calling the shots as it is easier and cheaper to produce than its counterparts.