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If you have an iPad, or someone you know has an iPad, then of course it needs to be personalised – and protected.  The best way to do this is with a case.

the best ipad case - case for a causeWould you like to know about the best iPad case that has a Cause?

About the best iPad case that looks good, is useful and practical, and does good too?

About the best iPad Case that can help YOU help women in need?

Of course you would!

The Best iPad Case LOOKS Good!

You want to show your personal style, right?  This case is unique and stylish.  It is hand made from high-quality wool felt, in the spectacular Tian-Shan mountains of central Asia.  Hand-stitched by indigenous artisans, each of these best iPad cases displays unique and traditional embroidery from Kyrgyzstan.  Each iPad case is individual and unique!  And it’s eco-friendly, because wool is sustainable and renewable.

The Best iPad Case IS Good!

It’s totally practical – it fits your iPad snugly and protects it from damage, and the inside lining will not scratch either the screen or the casing of your iPad.

There’s a pocket along the front of the case which can hold your iPhone, the charging cord and the ear bugs for your iPad, or even your passport when you’re travelling.

The pocket is only accessible when the case is open, and it is held closed by a hand-stitched piece of Velcro.

The Best iPad Case DOES Good!

What really makes this the best iPad case, and also makes it totally unique, is the women whose lives are slowly being transformed as they sew.

“Case for a Cause” exists to help women from this area escape from a life of abuse –

  • Domestic abuse
  • Human trafficking
  • Forced prostitution

Every single penny of the profits goes to help these women develop and sustain a better life.

The women are paid a fair wage to make the best iPad cases, and the Izzyk Kul Development Center helps them to become self-sufficient, sometimes rescuing them from horrible situations, and by providing counselling and job training to give them hope – and the tools to make a better life for themselves and their children.

The Best iPad Case – Product Details

The best iPad case comes in 2 colours – a white stripe on brown, or a brown stripe on white.  Because they are all hand made, they vary slightly in size, but they are all guaranteed to fit your iPad.  You can choose from 2 sizes: Generous or Slim.

the best ipad case - pocketGenerous cases hold an iPad 2 and a Zagg keyboard case (7 1/2  x 9 ¾  x 11/16th inches)

Slim cases fit an iPad 2 with a Smart Cover.

(Click here for a video about sizes )

They are made with felt, so the best iPad case will stretch very slightly.

The cases cost just $35 each, with a $5 handling and shipping charge (overseas postage varies).

How can YOU help?

By buying the best iPad case (of course!).

But also by supporting “Case for a Cause” on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google +.

When you purchase the best iPad case, you are investing in the lives of these women.

Buy here (for North America), or via eBay for international shipping or if you prefer eBay’s tracking systems.  Or go to

A personal comment

I do complain about how difficult it can be sometimes as a woman – I worked for many years in a very male-dominated industry.  But truly, these types of hardships are nothing compared to what women in undeveloped countries go through.

They don’t have the skills to get themselves out of the dreadful poverty trap they’re in – and so their children are also drawn into the vicious cycle.  The Case for a Cause program gives these women job skills, and a market.  That’s vital!

My regular readers know that I promote an eco friendly lifestyle which harms neither the environment nor us.  I just love it when I come across products or services which are eco friendly but that also help under-privileged women.

The best iPad case admirably fulfils both these criteria.


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  • Bryan 16th April 2012, 6:10 AM

    What a great product and helping out a good cause as well, it seems like a win win to me.

  • Mark 27th March 2012, 8:17 AM

    I would like permission to copy and paste this post to my website listed in my comment to bring more awareness to this cause. My site is new and I am looking for new good content. I have room and I like to know Im doing something to help too.

    • Clare Delaney 27th March 2012, 10:50 AM

      Yes, absolutely – it’s a great cause!
      I’ll e-mail you…..

  • Will 27th March 2012, 7:33 AM

    I like this whole concept. Case for a Cause helping others to eventually provide for themselves by creating a green product which just has to have a huge market. I do hope this gets the marketing it needs to really succeed for these women.