Eco Friendly Gift Idea – Teeki Activewear

Teeki Activewear Makes a Great Ecofriendly Gift


The end of each year is a massive buying season. Many of those purchases are for gifts. And – even though it’s very nice to receive gifts – not all of them are what we want.

Eco Friendly Gift from TeekiAnd do we REALLY need more “stuff”?

So, if you’re buying and giving gifts, it’s good to make sure that they are (a) re-usable, never disposable, (b) useful and (c) green and eco friendly.

And so here’s another idea that fits well into these requirements: Teeki activewear.

Every time you buy Teeki clothing, you’re recycling and re-using those nasty plastic bottles that are such a scourge on the environment.

Here’s a short video that will show you the gorgeous designs, as well as how green and eco friendly they are (as well as great looking!).

If you need some new activewear for yourself, or you want to give someone a useful-yet-fun gift that’s also green and eco-friendly, then Teeki Activewear is perfect!


And these clothes are not only for the gym and sports – they’re sufficiently good-looking to wear when you’re out on the town too!

I think it’s great that something as nasty as plastic water bottles can be recycled and then made into something useful and cool looking!


If you’re going to buy something new, it’s way more green to buy something that doesn’t use virgin or new resources.

eco freindly gift Teeki daisy loverAnd this clothing is hand-sewn in the USA, so you’re buying locally-made goods too –  buying local is a core tenet of green living.

How Do Teeki Clothes Feel?


One question I’m asked a lot about Teeki Activewear is – if they’re made from recycled plastic bottles, do the clothes feel, well, plastic-y? And the answer is – no, they don’t feel plastic-y at all – in fact, they feel great!

They’ve got 4-way stretch material so they move as you move, and the fabric has moisture-wicking properties so you stay cool.

They have flat, comfortable, durable seams, built-in key pockets and many fun prints and colors!

I think Teeki make great eco friendly gifts – or a lovely treat for yourself.

And remember – everyone notices when you wear Teeki!

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An ecofriendly gift is useful and reusable, and preferably made from reused or recycled materials.

Teeki Activewear ticks all those boxes – and looks great too!

Everyone notices when you wear Teeki!

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