Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts

Go Green – Buy Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts


It’s the big gift-giving time of the year again!  Of course, you’ll want to give eco friendly Christmas gifts, rather than simply adding to someone’s accumulation of Stuff.

But just because something says it’s recycled for example, it isn’t necessarily a genuinely green product!

Eco friendly Christmas gifts are recycled or made from renewable resources or even re-purposed, come in minimal packaging, are local, or use fair trade practices, are made by a company which cares about the environment, are cruelty free, and of course you’d want them to be useful or healthful to the recipient too.

Here are some suggestions for eco friendly Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

These should make sure your gift doesn’t get shoved into a dark drawer, never to be seen again!   🙂

Reusable Fresh Produce Bags
eco friendly Christmas gifts - re-usable produce bags
Most people buy fresh produce – but often the store or market supplies single-use plastic bags – and they’re definitely not eco friendly. Even paper bags are not green – they’re also single-use.

So, it makes sense to use re-usable produce bags, like these 5 muslin reusable produce bags flip and tumble 5-Pack Reusable Produce Bagseco friendly christmas gifts reusable bags

You can use them:

  • for fruit and veggies at the market or store
  • You can store your veggies in them in the fridge
  • You can use the bags when you buy nuts, granola, rice, quinoa etc in the bulk aisles
  • Or use them to strain your homemade yoghurt or cheese!

There’s a great selection, and some products are bags of the same size, some offer a mixture of different sizes, and some bags have little pouches attached!


Christmas Cards

If you send cards through the mail, show your family and friends you care by sending a photo of yourself or the kids on 100% recycled paper (choose it from the Paper Options menu) using a professional design.  All organised for you by Minted.


Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts GrowBottles

GrowBottles – Recycled wine bottles get a new lease of life by serving as grow-pots for fresh culinary herbs all year round.  Even better, once the growing cycle is complete, you simply wash your bottle, rinse the pebbles and replant with another variety of herb!  The system works on hydroponics, so they’re easy to grow, and full instructions are provided.  The bottles are 8” tall and 2.75” diameter.  Around $40, with replanting kits from $6. The company is based in Troy, Idaho and started life as a garage business. They use only eco-friendly ingredients, natural materials and minimal packaging.


Seed Bombs are such a super idea!  Seed bombs are gumball-sized “bombs” made of soil and seeds.  Just throw them wherever you want wildflowers to appear – your garden, a vacant lot, anywhere!

Prices are around $10 – $25. (You can also make your own if you have the time and inclination – for instructional videos simply Google seed bombs).

These are fun, as well as very green and eco friendly Christmas gifts.


A while ago I featured Green Heron Tools who offer tools which are designed for women.  With an increasing number of women involved directly in gardening (especially with the rise in organic gardening), the two founders looked at tools and with their medical background they knew that most tools are designed for men (more upper body strength, longer arms).  So they’re creating a quiet revolution and designing and sourcing tools better suited to women – I think they’re great.

Essential Oils

eco friendly Christmas gifts - aromatherapy oilsEssential Oils are increasingly popular for use not only in aromatherapy but also around the home for chemical-free alternatives to household products. Here’s an attractive set of 6 well-loved essential oils for under $20 that are 100% pure.




Pots and pans are safest when they’re made from stainless steel or cast iron.


There’s a huge range of stainless steel cookware. Here are some cast iron options – by the way, these are so long-lasting that they can become heirlooms (a friend of mine has cast iron pots from her grandmother)


Bamboo Products

Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts Bamboo CoastersBamboo is green.  One of the fastest-growing plants on earth, it doesn’t need to be replanted and grows without fertilizers or pesticides.  It has been used for centuries for food, shelter, fuel and clothing.  It is a renewable resource.

There are loads of items available in bamboo, so you can find a green gift for everyone. Start your bamboo search here with Bamboo Gifts for any occasion

And here are more bamboo gifts – Bamboo for Baby,  also Bamboo for Home and Kitchen (just use the menu on the left of the Baby Bamboo).

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