Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts for Kids

Get Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts for Kids This Year


Buying presents for kids can be almost as much fun for the adults as for the kids who receive them.


But should we be buying more “stuff” for them?

Or should we be buying eco friendly Christmas gifts for kids?

 Perhaps, what kids really want from you – and will remember – is your time and attention.

Eco friendly Christmas gifts for kids don’t waste precious resources to manufacture, only to be tossed aside and take up space after the holiday.

Eco friendly Christmas Gifts for Kids Make Them HappyMy sister-in-law spent 3 weeks travelling in Africa.  She had a great holiday, and one of her reflections was “it was the children who made the biggest impact on me.  They ran around barefoot, with no toys and so they made games out of whatever was around them.  They had nothing, yet they seemed happier than our kids at home with all the latest gadgets and expensive games.  They seemed to appreciate – and enjoy – life more”.

It’s my belief that expensive gifts don’t make children happier.

Perhaps, what kids really want from you – and will remember – is your time and attention.

But if you want to buy presents for them as well, here are my top picks for eco friendly Christmas gifts for kids.

Educational Building

eco friendly Christmas gifts for kids building blocks toyThese 50 quality wooden blocks are made from rubber trees which no longer produce latex, and the producers have many green accolades.  The pieces are coloured with water-based non-toxic dyes, and teach children shape and colour recognition as well as creativity.

Make Recycling Fun

eco friendly Christmas gifts for kids - recycle truckLet them learn about recycling while playing with this recycling truck. It has three chutes on each side – one for paper, one for cans, and one for bottles to make sorting recyclables easy and fun. The whole recycling bed also tilts back and the rear door opens, allowing the contents to easily slide out for another round. This very cool toy is made from recycled milk jugs and is BPA and phthalate free

Get Them Reading and Learning

eco friendly Christmas gifts for kids - bookIt’s very important to get children reading.  Combine the benefit of a good book with some fun ways for kids to learn about green living on a daily basis with What Does It Mean to be Green?


eco friendly Christmas gifts for kids stikits toyHave Fun with Imagination-Boosting Toys

This eco friendly toy can be used to create animals, buildings, or anything kids imagine! Stikits is made from cornstarch and food dyes, you simply moisten the “stiks” and they stick together without messy glue. Moisten them again to re-use!

Let Them Do It Themselves

This DIY Lip Balm Kit makes 10 lip all-natural balms. Easy to use, it will appeal to many ages.

Teach them about Ecology

eco friendly Christmas gifts for kids fish tank Here’s a great way to show kids how everything works together in Nature! It’s a (self cleaning) fish tank, which also grows food. The fish waste feeds the plants, and the plants clean the water. Cool – and it’s a BestSeller too !

What about your adult loved ones? Here’s one idea……
Eco friendly Christmas gifts for animal lovers
Even more eco friendly Christmas gifts!

Here are some more ideas for eco friendly Christmas gifts for kids:


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  • Body language of confidence 2nd December 2011, 7:48 AM

    Clare, these are all great eco friendly ideas for kids but what about for adults, do you have any ideas about what to get a guy or girl who may be in a realtionship?
    Scott Sylvan Bell

    Now go implement!

  • Dennis Perry 2nd December 2011, 5:02 AM

    I love the board game Fur and Feathers. What a great idea and a great lesson for children and adults alike.

    Thank you for sharing this information