Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts – Kindle?

Is the Kindle e-Reader an Eco Friendly Christmas Gift?


Just how green is the Kindle?

Could the Kindle be considered an eco friendly Christmas gift – or a green gift at any time of the year?

How green and eco friendly is an electronic reader compared to printed books?

Their manufacture is not green, because resources are used and some components contain toxic chemicals. It is transported from where it’s manufactured to where it’s sold, it’s packaged and it’s doesn’t bio-degrade.

On the positive side however, it is re-usable, it does’t consume paper like books do, and it weighs less than many books which is good for transport.

I was interested to read a study from CleanTech which shows that if you read more than 22 books on a Kindle over its lifetime, then it’s more eco friendly to use it instead of physical books.

So, consider a Kindle as an eco friendly Christmas gift.

There are lots of different Kindle e-Reader options – from full colour devices to paper white in different sizes. There are also lots of accessories, and stuff for kids. Have a look at all the options here – and then choose from a HUGE variety of e-books (many  of them are completely free, most are reasonably priced).

Plus, look below for more green and eco friendly Christmas gift ideas.

Is the Kindle green + ecofriendly-

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  • Dennis Perry 6th December 2011, 5:52 PM

    My wife is rapidly approaching the 20 book threshhold on her Kindle. It is nice to know that we have done something positive for the environment with this amazing little reader.


  • Sonya Lenzo 2nd December 2011, 4:54 PM

    Hmmm….on the face of it I would say yes. One Kindle purchased once would save a lot of trees over a lifetime. Unless of course you are like me and you purchased one and can’t figure out how to use it and still buy books! However, 99% of the books that I buy are used books and I read them and then pass them onto others for another read…so I feel this is fairly “eco”.
    Sonya Lenzo

    • Clare Delaney 4th December 2011, 9:43 AM

      I agree Sonya, buying used books and passing them on is definitely eco friendly!