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 Why is this eco friendly site helpful?

  • There’s lots of useful hints and tips for simple green living that’s still fun!
  • Easy things to do, that make a difference (I like “easy”!)
  • Discussions on important eco friendly issues
  • Recommended products – but only ‘genuinely green’ items, thoroughly researched.

Here are some suggestions for interesting articles, or find out a bit more about me, below……

Some Suggestions:

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About The Author

eco friendly Clare DelaneyMy name is Clare Delaney.

I’ve chosen to spend most of my adult life in various parts of Africa – it’s a bit different from my life growing up in Ireland!

Right now, I’m living on a small tropical island in the middle of nowhere.

It’s incredibly beautiful and the lifestyle is idyllic.

The island is also very fragile.

And I want to protect it.

So I’m living – and constantly learning more about – an eco friendly lifestyle.

I write about eco friendly matters on this web site.

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