Eco Shampoo

Is your Shampoo Eco-Friendly, or Full of Chemicals?


Eco shampoo is good for hair

Eco shampoo is good for hair

How often do you wash your hair with shampoo?

Do you really need to use shampoo that often?

Some dermatologists and hair stylists say that going a few days between shampoos – or even giving up shampoo altogether (horror!) – could have major benefits and give you naturally healthy hair.

“My hair’s very shiny, and it’s just thick” is a common comment by people who’ve ditched the shampoo.

Eco shampoo has no toxic chemicals

Eco shampoo has no toxic chemicals

Shampoo is one of the most heavily-advertised consumer products in the world.  As a result, we tend to think that we need to shampoo our hair more often than we may really need to.

But do we need shampoo for healthy hair?

In addition, we have become used to the concept of lather – how many times have you seem images of glamorous women in the shower with half-a-ton-of “luxurious” lather atop their tresses?

How does shampoo work?

Shampoo ‘cleans’ your hair by removing the hair’s natural – and necessary – oils.  This then causes the scalp to produce more oil in response.   It then becomes a vicious cycle, because after a while it may become difficult to skip shampooing without your hair “sprouting a giant greaseball”.

But it is possible to change.

What’s in my shampoo?

If you want to see how your current shampoo rates, go to a really useful website  The EWG Skin Deep site and type in your shampoo’s brand to check it out.   Then come back here and see what you can use as an alternative to chemical shampoos.  The EWG  site reviews hundreds of brands and rates them according to the toxic ingredients.  You might be surprised!

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  • Skin Toxins says:

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  • Andrew Miner says:

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post. This is an interesting topic. Thanks!


  • Toy Storage and Organization says:

    Thanks for the link to EWG Skin Deep. I like to be aware of how I am impacting the earth and myself.

    Kid’s Toy Storage and Organization Revisited

  • Computer Dating Expert for Women says:

    Hi Green Goddess,

    I’ve heard about the idea of going shampoo free from Hair Expert Karen-Marie Shelton over at Are you familiar with the site? However, I had not before heard or even really thought about the ecofriendly aspect of what shampoo you select to purchase. You are so right about how hair shampoo is one of the most heavily advertised consumer products on the planet! Having long hair which I like to treat well so I can continue to have long hair, I do not wash it every day. Better for the scalp sebum that way to better support my strands of hair.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

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  • Neil Dhawan says:

    Clare ~

    I can’t wait for your post tomorrow … the shampoo I use is not listed at the site you mentioned and even though it’s chemical free, I would like to find out if I can get rid of shampoo, altogether.

    Stay Amazing and Do Great Things, Neil

  • Body Language says:

    I never really thought about shampoo… now it has me riled up to spot more things we can change in products.

    Mark Hogan

  • Cherie Miranda says:

    AWESOME post on shampoo, one of the least green personal care products out there!

    Cherie Miranda

  • Kevin Bettencourt says:

    Naomi’s shampoo came back 5 fair. I guess it’s mine too but a fingerful is all I use.

  • Sonya Lenzo says:

    Clare, I used to use a good fragrance free shampoo once a week but they quit making it….now very hard to find one w/o fragrance. Fragrance of any kind gives me a headache…..looking forward to tomoorow’s post!
    Sonya Lenzo

  • Dennis Perry says:

    Guilty! I tend to wash my hair everyday. Looks like I need to re-think that process.

    Thank you for the “heads up” so to speak.


  • John Moulder says:

    I have at least cut back to using shampoo every second day . better do more research . Thanks for information Clare .

  • Rob Malone says:

    Hi Clare,

    I have to admit that I wash what hair I have left everyday. We buy natural, organic soap and shampoo at a local farmers market from a woman who makes her own. I know she uses goat milk and lye and some scents. I just assume they are eco friendly.

  • Annie Born says:

    My mother told me of a lady who washed her hair 1x per year.
    I never understood… natural oils.
    All the marketing on shampoo, made me think twice now.
    Thank you for this great information!

  • Michael D Walker says:

    Thanks for bringing the EWG Skin Deep site to our attention. I read all those long confusing names on the shampoo bottle and can’t tell if it’s good ingredients or the making of a mad scientist’s lab.