Eco Skin Care

What To Look For in Eco Skin Care


best skincareIn my last blog I reminisced that my mother had always told me to buy the best skincare products.  Because I enjoy living green, I want to use only the best eco skin care.

Here’s what to look for, when you want the best eco skin care.

Do you want your skin to eat it?

When you buy eco skin care products, remember that approximately half is absorbed.  (The rest is washed off and goes down the drain to find its way back into our water).   So you ideally want to buy only products with ingredients that you would be happy to have your skin “eat”.

You don’t want chemicals, ‘parfum’ or preservatives

A common chemical used in cosmetics, shampoos, body washes, soaps and others is sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). It makes products lather or bubble.

There are many derivatives of it too – look out for sodium laureth sulphate, sodium laureth-3 sulphate, and DEA or TEA sodium lauryl sulphate on labels.  It is associated with skin and eye irritation and inflammation, respiratory tract irritation and damage to the liver, lungs and immune system.  In certain combinations it can be carcinogenic.

And of course ‘parfum’ is a catch-all phrase with no legal restrictions – toxic chemicals can be included here and we would be none the wiser.

You also want to avoid synthetic preservatives.

Be natural…….

Using natural and ecofriendly skin products is no longer associated with the slightly grubby eco-warrior of yore.   Times have changed and the market reflects this. You can buy eco skin care products and stay beautiful – and healthy – as long as you know just what to look for.

But don’t…….

Don’t just buy a skin care product because it says its ‘natural’ or organic.  Make sure the manufacturer can back up their claims.  What percentage of their ingredients is ‘natural’?  Are they certified organic and can they prove it? Check your product on the wonderful website by EWG called SkinDeep to see what toxins are in it.

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