Good Posture Is Important. These 6 Tips Will Help!

Good Posture Is Surprisingly Important in How you Are Perceived By Others. Improve Your Posture Today With These 6 Tips!


good posture is important



It’s a funny thing about good posture. When you stand tall and straight, it automatically seems to give you more authority – especially if you are a man. Ladies who stand tall automatically look more elegant.

My father was very tall and ramrod straight all his life –  and it’s what many people remember about him His military-like bearing probably helped to make ex-President Obama more appealing.

Babies don’t have bad posture – it’s something people may learn. The good news is that if you have bad posture through bad habits, you can also develop “good posture habits”!

It’s worthwhile putting a little effort into improving your posture. Here’s how.

Good Posture Tip #1 – Awareness

Always be aware of your posture. This applies whether you are lying in bed, sitting, standing, exercising or walking. Constantly think about what is right or wrong and soon, you will start reaping the benefits!

Good Posture Tip #2 – Straight in Bed

good mattress for good postureWe spend a significant amount of time asleep, so it’s important to make sure that we keep a straight spine in bed.

A good mattress is really important as it supports you. Firm mattresses tend to be better for posture, but you need to choose one that’s comfortable for you. Try before you buy. The average lifespan of a mattress is about 7 years – do you need a new one?

Adults should sleep with a pillow – again, shop around for pillows you love. You can even have pillows designed especially for you!

And many experts advise that you should not sleep on your stomach – it’s better for your posture to sleep on your side or on your back.

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Posture Tip #3 – Don’t Watch While Lying Down

Watching the TV or computer while you’re lying down puts a huge strain on your posture as well as your eyesight. Fix your bed with a good laptop stand or adjustable laptop riser so that you can position the laptop perfectly even when you are lying down.

Posture Tip #4 – Sit at 135 Degrees

Apart from sleeping, the next activity that takes up most time is work. When you’re at work, including if you work from home, it is important to keep a few things in mind so that your posture is perfectly composed. It takes a little more than your own conscious decisions, and when these elements are fixed, your sitting posture will improve. You will also see an improvement in your concentration and output at work when you are comfortable and well seated.

Adjust your chair so you sit at 135 degrees, not 60 degrees or 90 degrees. Studies show that sitting at 135 degrees helps a lot in improving your posture. It also helps reduce back pain and improves your comfort level.

If your feet don’t touch the ground when you sit in a chair, get a footrest.

Offices and office furniture are designed for an “average” person. Not everyone is average! You may be taller or shorter or have specific requirements. It’s up to you to position your desk and computer according to your needs.

laptop stand for good posture

These days you can choose from a wide variety of laptop risers, laptop stands, computer stands, keyboard risers etc. to suit your needs.

Posture Tip #5 – Set Your Home Up Correctly

It’s even easier to set up your own home for good posture, because it’s your own personal space.

  • Sit at 135 degrees at home too.
  • If you use a computer for social media or to watch films, a portable laptop table is a must in every household.
  • If you spend time using a tablet computer, you may strain your neck and back watching stuff on tablets. Holding them in your hand all the time isn’t great either due to arm strain. Consider a tablet stand or a tablet mount.

You can fill your home with everything that is required to help you sit comfortably and correctly – if you need to buy some items to help improve your posture it will be a good investment in your future health.

laptop stand on desk

Posture Tip #6 – Don’t Forget the Car!

Also remember your posture while driving.

  • Adjust the car seat so that you are comfortable but also able to reach everything without straining.
  • Mobile holders, phone holders and car mounts for your phone can all help you to manage calls, put on music or look for directions without looking down or around – you don’t want to be distracted while you’re driving!


Even if your posture isn’t great right now, it’s good to know that most bad posture is caused by bad habits, which ca be reversed with a little effort and concentration


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