Green, Environment News 14 June 2017


A round-up of this week’s environmental, green and ecofriendly news and updates.


Everyone seems to love tiny houses (here’s my Pinterest board). Now they’re being used in Detroit to give low-income residents a chance to own a home.

25 tiny houses have been built and will rent for about $1 per square foot. After 7 years of renting, they can be bought – owners must attend classes on personal finance and home ownership, and volunteer in the community.

They’re attractive homes too – not the sort that’s sometimes used to house low-income earners.

They’ve been built with volunteer labour and donations – not a penny of government money was used.

There are lots more vacant lots in Detroit and it’s hoped that the project can grow. Sounds like a great idea!


recycled razor for green shaveShaving – male or female, people love it or hate it (I fall into the latter category). What about you?

But have you ever thought about the waste it creates?

You’ll find some great tips on how to “green” your shaving routines – and you can start today if you like!


I’ve written before about bees. They’re so important because they pollinate our food crops. But they’re dying off in vast numbers and it’s a huge problem.

There are many theories as to why, but there’s now some new evidence – and it could be even worse than we thought. Not only are pesticides harming the bees, but they also make bees more vulnerable to infection by parasites. Plus, fungicides – sprayed on crops and thought to be harmless to bees – also increase parasitic infection. There are no regulations for spraying fungicides around bees. Here’s the full article if you want to read more.


Here’s an interesting concept. 

You know the saying “Action is the antidote to despair ” (Joan Baez).

With many of us despairing at what’s happening in the world today, it’s good to know about a cool new idea that can help.

It’s easy to do – and in fact it’s quite fun. I’ve been doing it for the last couple of days – and it’s really opening my eyes. 

See what it’s all about here.


Global Green News:

A new study shows that working women are viewed either as bad workers or bad mothers. Women working in the US and the UK were viewed as bad workers if they take maternity leave (paid or unpaid), and bad mothers (not committed to their family) if they don’t take maternity leave. In other words, women can’t win.

US veterans often face 2 problems after military service: unemployment and post-traumatic stress disorder. A new non-profit puts ex-soldiers to work protecting rhinos against poachers in South Africa. It’s controversial, but rhinos need all the help they can get.

US Green News:

Hawaii became the first state to pass a law committing to the Paris Climate Agreement. I’m sure other States will soon follow suit!

A 98-year-old man who got lucky with stocks and shares has donated most of his money to buy a huge wildlife refuge in Illinois. He lives simply and says he doesn’t need the money for himself. Isn’t that wonderful!


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