Green, Environment News 4 October 2017


A round-up of this week’s environmental, green and ecofriendly news and updates.



New inventions are so exciting, don’t you think? Here are my top picks which will help to  make the world a better place.

  • You know how you can use your smartphone to summon a taxi? In Dubai, you’ll soon be able to summon a flying helicopter taxi – a 2-seater drone designed to fly automatically over short distances. It’s quiet, energy efficient, and requires no human intervention.
  • In a similar vein, the new Passenger Drone means you could commute to work by flying – hands free – in a zero-emission drone each day. Not only will it reduce air and noise pollution, but it should also reduce commuting stress.
  • If flying doesn’t appeal, you could try Japan’s new electric scooter network. Again, your smartphone gets you a scooter when you need one – but the clever part of this system is what happens when the battery dies on the scooter you’re using. No problem – your smartphone is used to solve the problem – often in as little as 6 seconds in a city, there’s no waiting for it to recharge.
  • You’ve heard of Dyson’s bagless vacuum cleaners and other unique household appliances? Well, founder James Dyson is wonderfully obsessed with clean air and water – he’s developed his famous vacuum technology to help suck garbage out of rivers. Next, he invented a filter to stop car exhaust fumes – but strangely, auto manufacturers weren’t interested. So now he’s designing a zero-emission electric car instead!
  • Or you could try a living chandelier that purifies as well as lights your room! London Design Week showcased a glass chandelier that holds algae which absorb CO2 and release oxygen – and the eco lighting looks gorgeous too.


whole wheat bread not white for fiberFiber in food – most of us should probably eat a bit more of it than we do, for better health. Fibre is good for us – but there’s one claim often made about it which doesn’t stack up.

Here’s the low-down on fiber – as well as where to find it…. and more!

Find out what fiber can do for you, today


the milky way in a dark skyThis month’s full moon (5th October) will – unusually – be called the Harvest Moon. That’s normally September’s full moon, but this year it just happened that this one was closest to the Autumn equinox (Sept 22).

NASA will test its Planetary Defense System on Oct 12 (my birthday!) when an asteroid flies close by (in astronomical terms). Observatories, universities and labs across the globe will monitor it closely.

You might catch the haunting “zodiacal light” Oct 15-30. If you have a dark sky, look for a pyramid-shaped glow rising above the eastern horizon just before dawn. It looks like light pollution but is actually sunlight glinting off solar dust from comets.

Look out for the Orionids meteor shower in the pre-dawn hours of Oct. 22. It should be a good display, with 10 to 50 shooting stars visible each hour. You should be able to see them from any point in the sky.


eco freindly gift Teeki daisy loverI’ve had quite a few readers ask me over the last few months why I don’t recommend eco friendly products – and it’s a good question!  After all, I spend a lot of time researching and finding green and ecofriendly things!

So, I’m going to start a “Recommendation of the Week” here in this newsletter – I’ll mention a product that I particularly like for being environmentally friendly.

If it’s useful to you, then that’s great – you’ll know you’re getting something that’s genuinely green, not greenwashed. (And it could be even more useful as we approach The Great Gift-Giving Season). If it’s not of interest, just skip to the next item, and no harm done.

So this week I’m going to start off by recommending a very green company called Teeki. They make gorgeous clothing from recycled bottles (and yes, the clothing feels great!). When you buy Teeki activewear, you’re recycling about 25 of those nasty plastic water bottles – now that’s worthwhile! I’ve actually written a full review, and created a video about Teeki here. (From next week I’ll just do a quicker link). Take a look at Teeki clothes now!


Global Green News:

green energy solutions Solar renewable energySome good news on the climate (we need it!):- global CO2 emissions remained stationary in 2016. Experts say it’s probably due to countries using less coal and more natural gas and renewable energy. Some countries increased their CO2 (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, the Philippines, and Ukraine). But the US decreased their emissions by 2 percent, Russia by 2.1 percent, and the United Kingdom by 6.4 percent.  However, greenhouse gases in total did increase. We need to continue climate action, but it’s good to see some positive results.

US Green News:

keep your dog safe in summerWe often focus on the human tragedies in the aftermath of a natural disaster such as the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico. And that’s right. But a lot of people are helping animals too, particularly the many stray dogs on the island.

Many have now been airlifted off the island to a shelter in New Jersey, where they will be treated then sent to other shelters. They’re the lucky ones. A beach in the southeast of Puerto Rico, which used to support many stray dogs, is now desolate, with no survivors. Rescuers report many areas where all animals seem to have perished. And there are so many displaced dogs now roaming the streets, that many are being put down immediately. If you want to help, you can donate here. Thank you!


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