Guest Post – What you Need to Know

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Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest article to EcoFriendlyLink.

I love to receive quality guest posts, subject to the following:

Standard: Well-written and high quality original post, 400 – 1,000 word length. It should be useful and offer a fresh perspective or new information.

Tone: Your article should reflect the writing style, tone and voice of the EcoExpert blog. I reserve the right to edit the post if required – please don’t be offended.

Links: Links to genuine authority sites where they are relevant and helpful to my readers are very welcome. The (single) link in your Author Bio site must be to a “green” site or a site which clearly shows that a sincere effort is being made to be environmentally friendly. For Google purposes, the page you wish to link to in your Bio should be  PR1 or greater.  No affiliate links. You are welcome to link to other posts on EcoFriendlyLink, or I might add internal links if they are relevant to the post.

(Even if you write a really great article, if the link doesn’t meet these criteria, I won’t publish it, sorry!).

writeFormatting: Use one main headline (preferably a nice, attention-grabbing, catchy one!), and a few sub-headings (bold) throughout the post. Make the paragraphs short (1 or 2 full sentences) for easier reading. Add bullet points if you wish.

Topics: green of course! Show my readers action-oriented how-to items or hints and tips for green living. (PLEASE check that I haven’t covered them already – use the Search box in the top left of the blog). You could also comment on environmental issues, or highlight ways to save the world and make a difference. Topics can include (but are not limited to) green kids and pets, green travel, downsizing and simple living, ways to reduce your footprint on the  planet, resource and wildlife conservation, eco-friendly food…… you get the picture.

Images: I’ll be happy if you include images, but please make sure they are allowed to be published on blogs. Include the correct attribution.

Attribution: Please correctly attribute quotations, data and other content referenced in your article.

submit guest postSubmission: Please submit articles in HTML or in a Word document to GuestPost  (at) EcoFriendlyLink  (dot)  com. Attach images (including attribution) separately.

If your article meets editorial standards and aligns with EcoFriendlyLink’s content strategy, I’ll let you know when it’s going to be published. Feel free to link to the post and promote it. (I will be!).

I try to respond to all submissions, but it is not always possible – I hope you understand. Thank you!