Holiday Stress and Pets

Holiday Stress is for Pets too!


holiday stress for petsHolidays are wonderful!  We all look forward to them. But we can all suffer from holiday stress, including our pets.

In this article you’ll find:

  • Parties and pets
  • Travelling with pets – do’s and don’ts
  • What food is dangerous for your pets
  • Can you leave your pet behind while you travel to reduce holiday stress?

A Busy Time of Year

You may be giving parties or dinners, having get-togethers, people visiting, people staying, or you may be packing up the family and pets and travelling.

Whatever your situation, here are some easy ideas for making sure your pet is stress-free during the holidays – which lessens your holiday stress considerably too!

As with everything, a little planning can go a long way, and if your pet is part of your family, you need to plan for them too.

What Can Go Wrong?

  • Pets can get over-excited when there are many visitors, especially if they are used to a quieter life.
  • Jumping up, grabbing food from peoples’ hands, incessant barking….
  • Pets may panic and rush out of an open door onto the road.
  • Plus, some of your guests may be frightened if they are not used having pets around.

What to Do

In the weeks before the event, take some time to work on your pet’s manners and reinforce obedience training.

Try some small get-togethers with pet-friendly people who can help you to reinforce your pet’s manners, so that when the bigger party night comes, your pet will already be prepared and won’t suffer from holiday stress.

A Quiet Place

Alternatively, perhaps you know that your pet simply won’t be able to hold back his exuberance.

avoid holiday stress in a quiet roomNo problem.  Simply set aside a safe room where he can stay for the duration of the event.

Make the space comfortable with a bed or rug, water, toys, and maybe some treats.

Close this area off to the guests so that you can be sure that your pet, and your guests, are safe.

Either tell your guests that your pet should be left alone, or put up a “No Entry” sign on the door.

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  • Margarita says:


    great instructions for the holidays. Pets I believe are excited too. May be you can share something about buying them presents. I know many people who buy Christmas presents for their dogs and cats.

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