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home with a view of a golf course

Green News: A Home with a Farm


Where I lived for many years, they were called Golf Estates – clusters of  (often large) houses placed strategically around a golf course. They offered walled-in security and a view over the fairways and greens. Of course, golf can be viewed as an elitist sport. It certainly isn’t green – golf courses need loads of water, and pesticides and fertilizers are regularly used. And then there’s the always interesting thought of a small and very hard ball flying your way……

Now in the US there’s a new concept, and it’s much greener than golf estates.

If you care about food, and if you like to buy local produce, then you might want to consider a subdivision built around a farm.  Imagine waking up to the lowing of cattle, or the swish of crops in the breeze…….

How does it work?

housing developments with farm animals and landDevelopers planning a new neighbourhood include some form of food production — a farm, community garden, orchard, livestock operation, edible park — that is meant to draw in new buyers, increase values and encourage community spirit.

The Urban Land Institute estimates there are more than 200 developments with an agricultural twist in the US.

In Fort Collins, Colorado, a new development called Bucking Horse includes the rehabilitation of the historic barn, farm house, loafing shed, saddle shop and chicken coop. Plans for the Village include a farm-to-fork restaurant, wine maker, coffee roaster and yoga studio.

What do you think? Are these developments simply another money-making scheme? Will they provide children with a way to appreciate nature? Will they work?  Let me know in the Comments below.

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  • Will says:

    I think the basic idea is a very good one (I was brought up on a farm and currently live in the countryside) but my one concern is that it may become to commercial. I don’t mean that the farm should not make a profit but I am not certain that developers will always have the ‘right idea’ and will only want to see massive profit from the property side.