New Year’s Resolutions – Weight & Water

Keep your New Year’s Resolutions – the Eco Friendly Way!


Be green with your New Year’s Resolutions!  One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to lose weight, so here’s a nice easy, eco friendly method to help with this resolution.

While there are loads of different diets available, one thing that everyone seems to agree on is to drink water.  Lots of it.

Of course, to be eco friendly, you’ll be drinking tap water (filtered if necessary) not bottled water.  (Need a water filter?  See How to Choose the best Water Filter).

If you prefer sparkling water, no problem, a Soda Stream is much more eco friendly than bottled water (and you don’t have to carry big bottles of water home from the store all the time).  See the end of this article for Soda Stream options and prices.

New Years Resolution - lose weight with lemon waterBut I find it’s rather boring to drink a lot of water, day after day.  And I know I won’t keep any of my New Year’s Resolutions if I get bored.  So I try to add a bit of variety.  One way I do that is to add some freshly-squeezed lemon juice, and a couple of slices of fresh lemon, to the water.

In addition to making you feel like you’re having a different drink, lemon water has several health benefits.  Lemons contain vitamin C which helps to boost your immune system which can prevent you getting colds and flu.  Lemon also contains pectin fibre which helps to fight hunger cravings.  If you suffer from heartburn or constipation, lemon water may help to make your digestive processes more efficient.

Will drinking lemon water make you lose weight?  Unlikely – on its own.  But combining it with more exercise and healthier eating should make a difference, and stop you getting bored with drinking plain water.

(Even diets can be eco friendly!).  (So can New Year’s Resolutions!).New Years Resolutions Water

Something else I enjoy, which also gives me a break from plain water, is to drink green tea with lemon.  I found I didn’t enjoy the taste of green tea, but I know it’s got huge health benefits.  Mixing it with lemon gives it a flavour I enjoy, so now I get the benefits and the taste.

Lemons are really useful around the house too – see this article for some great tips for using lemons.

Bottled water has a massive environmental impact around the world.  Show you care by drinking tap water (filtered if necessary).  Remember also that if you want to keep a stash of water aside for emergencies, it doesn’t have to be bottled water.  Your filtered tap water can also be stored as an emergency provision.

Whether one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to lose weight this year or not, it’s really worthwhile to be eco friendly, and one of the best ways to be green is to avoid bottled water. Widgets

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  • Sebastian Chouinard says:

    Very interesting info! Perfect – just what I was looking for at New Year!

  • […] Related: How to combine eco friendly and a popular New Year’s Resolution! […]

  • Will says:

    I must admit that I have not seen a Soda Stream machine in years and these don’t look anything like the ones I used to know – ah, progress!

  • Sunglasses says:

    Fortunately I live in a place where the water is crystal clear and I never buy bottled water. We always refill them to save money.

    Tim Van Milligan

    • Clare Delaney says:

      Many people would envy you your water, you’re very lucky! Well done on refilling bottles, and thanks for your comment!

  • Quit Smoking Hypnotist Orange County CA says:

    Hi Green Goddess,

    What a wonderful focus to support people’s New Years Resolution to lose weight to focus on drinking more and better water. Good water drinking really supports smokers in quitting smoking cigarettes as well as stopping chewing and dipping tobaccos long term. Our bodies are clearing more toxins. Keeping well hydrated helps our body do what it’s designed to do – keep us healthy!

    April Braswell, CHt

    • Clare Delaney says:

      Giving up tobacco would also be eco friendly – improving local air quality, reducing the demand for the tobacco crop, reducing transportation of the finished product – and of course, saving money! (Or having more money to do other, more enjoyable things!). I haven’t tried hypnosis but I believe it’s very successful for stopping smoking, weight loss etc. and I’m sure Orange County has a great resource in you!

  • Sonya Lenzo says:

    There are so many health benefits to drink more water that I cant even begin to list them!I leave a glass of water on my kitchen counter and take a sip every time I walk past….
    Sonya Lenzo