Save Money, Save Water

Save Water, Save the Planet, and Save Money!

Six of the Best Tips!

water is preciousWater is one of the most precious resources on our planet.  Saving water is of the utmost importance to

  • preserve our natural landscapes and help wildlife survive.
  • improve the health of aquatic systems in your local community
  • reduce the strain placed on local sewer systems which helps to prevent sewage spills in the event of flooding waters
  • protect natural ecosystems
  • conserve our environment for future generations.

And of course, reducing the amount of water you use, saves you money, because you pay for piped, potable (drinking-quality) water pumped to your house.

Here are 6 easy, quick ways that you can reduce your water consumption and save money.

Keeping yourself clean can require a lot of water, but it’s easy to reduce the load if you can remember to turn the tap off while you go about your various cleansing duties, like brushing your teeth, washing your face, shaving and so on.

Regardless of your chore, just remember that for every second you have got the tap on, you’re letting valuable water go down the drain.  So does waiting for the water to heat or cool.  Instead, simply place a bucket in the shower and a smaller container in the kitchen sink or washbasin to catch that water – then use it for other purposes, such as cleaning or watering the plants or water for your pets or re-filling your toilet cistern or anything else you would normally use tap water for.

Using the shower is more efficient than using the bath (depending on how long you spend in the shower, of course).

  • Bathing uses around 30 to 50 gallons (100 – 200 litres) of water per bath
  • A five-minute shower uses about 13 gallons (50 litres)
  • If you shower rather than bathe each day, those water savings really add up!
Water is precious!

Water is precious!

When you shower, it’s important to reduce the time you spend, in order to save water (and you’ll have more time for other things, too).  A simple shower timer (you can buy one for less than $10) will help you and your family stick to a time-budget. Try cutting your showers back by one minute every week until you’re at 5 minutes or less.

A low-flow showerhead works by limiting the flow of water being released while you shower.  Worried about a lack of water pressure if there’s less water coming out of your shower?  Don’t be.  Modern low-flows maintain a good water pressure but use less water – you save not only on water bills but also on heating costs because you heat less water!

A faucet aerator also maintains the water pressure but reduces the amount of water coming out of your taps (e.g. washbasin, kitchen sink).  Adding one is a really simple, money-saving, green action – you won’t notice any significant change, but you will be “doing your bit” for the environment by saving water.  You will also save money on your water bills and you will reduce your energy costs by heating less water for the Hot tap.

A dripping faucet, leaky toilet, or running showerhead can cost you significantly throughout the year, and will have a high cost for the environment as well.  Some estimates say that 14 percent of the water sent to US homes is wasted due to leaking faucets, pipes, toilets, and showerheads!

A drip from your faucet can waste as much as 80 gallons / 300 litres of water every week!  Fixing that leak will obviously lower your monthly water costs.

Twenty-eight percent of your home’s water consumption could be going to your toilet, depending on how much water it uses per flush.  Here are some great tips for saving water in your bathroom, and you could also consider flushing less often, especially if you are the only person using that toilet for a while.

These are all quick and easy things you can do to conserve water in your home. Teach children and grandchildren these methods by example!

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    Great ideas for saving water . Half flush cisterns are becoming mandatory in new homes now days . Every little bit helps .

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    What a great post on Saving water! There are alot of things people can do to save water and you have listed some of the top methods. There are also a lot of new toilets with dual flushing capabilities that can really conserve on the amount of water used per flush.


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    I found myself waiting forever for the water in my shower to get hot. I installed a timed water circulator on my hot water heater and now it’s hot during the times I need it to be. It was a great eco-friendly product for the investment.

    • Clare Delaney says:

      That’s such a great idea Kevin! So you get hot water quickly say, early morning, and then it doesn’t waste energy for the rest of the time? Cool!
      Thanks for sharing!