Stay Warm – Hot Tips!

stay warm without increasing costs

Stay Warm With These Hot Tips!


You need to stay warm – but do you worry about utility bills?

How much will it cost you to heat your home and stay warm this winter? It seems to get more expensive each year.

But it doesn’t have to. By making clever choices, you can save money while you stay warm – and live green!  Because heating your home is not only a major cost to you, but it also costs the Earth – it contributes to climate change.

Whether you stay warm via electricity to power your heating system, or oil, coal or wood, you’re emitting carbon. The more fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas) we use, the more we contribute to climate change.

It Makes Sense!

So it just makes sense to make smart choices and reduce the costs of staying warm and heating our homes – reduce the cost to ourselves, and to the planet.

So here’s a great infographic which  tells you about heating your home – how to stay warm but still save money and reduce your emissions.

stay warm, caulk windowsI like it, because as well as making very good points with pictures instead of text, the first suggestion on it is also the cheapest and easiest to implement – caulking or sealing up any leaks in your home to keep the warm air in. After all, you spend money heating up your home – there’s no point in letting it go out through gaps around windows or elsewhere!

The second tip is about maintaining your heating system – and again, this is something that is easy and relatively cheap to do.

The 3rd tip uses technology to save you money while still staying warm, and of course it will also reduce your carbon emissions too.

Next, have a quick look at your lighting choices – and if you haven’t already seen it, check out my post with some fascinating behind-the-scenes info on some fun energy videos here).

And finally, if you and your family are TV fans, there are even ways to stay warm while saving money and emissions while sitting on the couch!

Below is the infographic (if you want a bigger version, click here).

Oh, and don’t forget your attic or roof space! It’s an area where you can make some easy changes while improving your comfort and staying warm – here are some quick, easy and helpful videos.


So, make sure you don’t have to worry about utility bills while you stay warm.

Spread the word about staying warm AND saving money – and the planet – this winter. Sharing buttons are below and right – please use them. Thank you!

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