Why Should We be Eco Friendly?

Ever Asked “Why Should we be Eco Friendly?”


eco friendly is good“Clare, why should we to be eco friendly?  Why should anyone even bother?”

It’s a question I get asked.  A lot.

And it’s a good question!

Before I answer it, please allow me to ask you a question.

Toxic PollutionAre you worried about your health, perhaps the health of your family, due to the toxic chemicals that surround us in our homes, not to mention polluted air in our cities?

I certainly am.

I wondered why there are so many more allergies these days, so many more people with breathing difficulties, why cancer deaths are more prevalent in certain areas compared to others – just to mention a few concerns.

And I was pretty horrified by what I found out.

A throw-away society is not sustainable – we’ve got one small planet.  We’re bursting at the seams, and we create more and more rubbish by using disposable items.

So many things in our homes contain toxic chemicals – yet we think of our homes as our sanctuary!


Food Abundance

Food Abundance

It’s not that companies are deliberately trying to make us ill (I’m sure they’re not).  It’s just that we show companies, day after day, that we want cheap products.  And the cheapest way to make products is to use cheap labour and cheap materials (such as plastic) (which is made from petroleum).

There is no price to pay for factories sending pollutants into the air that we breathe.  Sometimes, companies get caught sending waste into our rivers and oceans – but often, they aren’t caught and so they can dispose of their waste for free.

It’s not good for us, and it’s not good for the other creatures we share our planet with.

So, it’s Expensive to be Eco Friendly?

Not necssarily.

I’ve found lots of ways where being green can in fact save you money, and that’s a key feature of this website.

But We Can Make Better Choices?

Green ProuctsAbsolutely!

By knowing what to look for in the things we buy, we can make the right choices.

Buying green protects our health.

But it also sends a message to companies too.

When we consistently buy products that are safer for us, we show companies we’re no longer willing to continue harming ourselves.

The Good News

And the good news is that by choosing genuinely green products, we’re helping not just ourselves, but we’re also helping the environment.

It’s my job to do all the research, all the finding out.

So I’ll tell you, for example, why “natural” isn’t always good, whether sunblock is a good idea or not, which hair conditioners can give you healthy, glossy hair without the toxic chemicals, and lots more!

That’s what this site, EcoFriendlyLink is all about – linking you to the knowledge and choices to keep you – and the environment – safe.

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  • Mil says:

    I can’t even be around toxic chemicals like bleach or VOC paints anymore. I get a terrible headache that lasts for a couple days. I see these people who make their living using all these toxic cleaners like house cleaners and worry about their future health.

    It is important to think about these things, absolutely!!

    • Clare Delaney says:

      0Absolutely Mil, I couldn’t agree more. My sister worked with chemical-based products for many years and has massive health issues now. It can’t be proved definitively, but……

  • Sonya Lenzo says:

    You are so right! And you have made me so much more intentional in all that I do…and I do believe that is all having a very positive effect on my health. My cell phone stopped working recently and I have not bothered to get it repaired….I eat very little meat anymore, more of a garnish than a main course….and I make an effort to eat only locally grown, organic foods.I buy used books and locally made other “products” such as kitchen items and clothing…when it becomes a “lifestyle”…it just makes me happier and healthier!!!
    Sonya Lenzo

    • Clare Delaney says:

      That is so uplifting to read Sonya! I agree absolutely, I’m feeling much happier and also considerably healthier since I simplified my life and started looking at my choices. Well done on the myriad things you are doing to improve your own lifestyle and the health of the planet! Thanks Sonya!

  • Hypnotherapy Costa Mesa says:

    Hi Green Goddess,

    Indeed, remembering to investigate and discuss the why and motivation factors will help people to stay motivated, whether it is on embracing a more Green and Sustainable lifestyle or any other New Years Resolution they want to achieve this year.

    April Braswell, CHt, RH
    Hypnotherapy Huntington Beach

  • Peggy Larson says:

    The examples you state of fences and migration trails, and ecologies destroyed are ones you/we can “see.” What about the ones we can’t see?

    Like maybe all the radio waves and satellite waves and such that are invisible to the naked eye. Cell phones and wi-fi, etc. are probably destroying the ecology of the brains and we don’t even know it.

    You may think that’s a ridiculous thought. But remember, hundreds of years ago when those ranchers/farmers put up fences they didn’t know or see they were affecting migration habits and ecology of land and species. Maybe we’re destroying ourselves and don’t even know it either!

    Just a thought.


    • Clare Delaney says:

      I couldn’t agree more Peggy! There is increasing evidence that wireless technology (mobile phones, wi-fi) are affecting us negatively. Not to mention the chemicals in our own homes from cleaning materials, building supplies and so on, as well as the food we eat laced with pesticides, meat from animals given antibiotics…… the list is endless (don’t get me started!).
      Thanks Peggy!

  • Will says:

    An interesting and thought provoking blog from Clare.